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See what some of our residents think to Park Home Living and the service Tingdene Parks provide.

See what some of our residents think to Park Home Living and the service Tingdene Parks provide:

Mr & Mrs Wyborn, Pavenham Park

Mr & Mrs Wyborn are due to complete on their Brand New Park Home situated at our Pavenham Park in Bedfordshire. They decided to take advantage of our Assisted Move Scheme to help them sell their current property and move into their dream home… Here’s what they had to say about it…

To Tingdene Parks:

Dear Sam,

Just a short note to thank you and your team for your support over the past few months. Your patience and understanding have been incredible, and we cannot believe it has all come to fruition at last. We keep pinching ourselves, almost scared to believe we are on the last lap of our journey to Pavenham! Please tender our thanks to everyone, and we look forward to visiting sometime in August to see the progress being made with our new home.

Yours very sincerely

Ann & Paul Wyborn

To Moving Made Easy:

Dear Mr Mattock,

We would like to register our thanks and appreciation to you and your team for their unserving support during what has been a most stressful time. There have been times when we felt really down because of the lack of co-operation between various parties, and always after speaking to one of the team, we were left in a much happier frame of mind. Those who made the whole thing bearable were: Darren, Katy, Kay and latterly James. To know we only have a short time to go now till we are safely ensconced in our new little home in Pavenham is wonderful.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Yours very sincerely

Ann & Paul Wyborn

Bob & Lynn Garrett, Fenland Village

Bob and Lynn Garrett moved to Fenland Village in 2000 during the early stages of the park’s development.  Formerly from Peterborough, the Garrett’s criteria for moving was to be closer to their daughter in Wisbech whilst downsizing at the same time.

It was a local estate agent who suggested the Fenland Village development and first introduced Bob and Lynn to park homes. Neither had seen anything like these homes before but were impressed enough after their initial visit to take the leap and sell their bricks and mortar house to start their new lifestyle.

Bob suggested many benefits to the park, but most important was the high level of security enjoyed by having only one entrance and exit to the park. That combined with an active neighbourhood watch scheme has provided a safer than normal environment for all the park’s residents.

This unique community atmosphere goes further than keeping watch over one another’s properties though, Bob explained that they all muck in and look after their neighbours’ homes while they are away, cutting lawns, watering plants and in general offering any help they can.

As is typical on these parks, the residents’ association is very active and always planning for the next event, whether that be a show, a trip to the seaside or the big Christmas outing such as the one to Thursford that they all enjoyed last year. With golf, fishing and bowling on your doorstep there’s plenty to amuse you, and if it’s the shops you’re after, Lynn tells me she regularly walks into town.

Every weekend Bob and Lynn take advantage of the open fields adjacent to the park and wander along the River Nene for an hour or two, then make their way back leisurely through the neighbouring farmland.

I asked Bob if either of them had any preconceived ideas about moving to a park home and while neither of them did, Bob laughed as he recounted several friends that had visited them and said “Oh… this is nice, we thought you lived in a caravan!”

For some, there may be still a stigma attached to this kind of living but once you have stepped inside one of these homes you will struggle to criticise them. Lynn mentioned that the home is very easy to maintain and keep warm through the winter months, better in some homes than a brick built equivalent.

I asked Bob and Lynn if there was any helpful advice they could pass on to an enquiring reader and they felt people should realise there is a ground rent to include in your budget that goes toward the upkeep of the communal areas and roads (a street sweeper comes through every week), provision of grit bins,  and general maintenance. Also, many don’t realise that if you choose to sell your home, Tingdene Parks require 10% of the sale price.

Bob and Lynn are thoroughly enjoying their lifestyle and don’t regret any part of their decision to move.

My thanks go out to Bob and Lynn for their time and for their kind hospitality on my recent visit.

Adrian Salisbury, Optical FX on behalf of Tingdene Parks Ltd

Richard & Linda Brewer, Marina View

Marina View is lovely park that was first developed in 1992 and now has 102 homes with plans for a further 26. The park can be found away in the back of Lincolnshire, overlooked only by the jets from the neighbouring RAF Coningsby air base! I have to say, I found it fascinating watching the new Euro fighters fly overhead and as a keen photographer could have spent hours at the end of the runway shooting them but I had an interview waiting and photographs to capture for the new website and brochures.

My first challenge in interviewing Richard & Linda Brewer was in finding them! Rather than sitting at home with their feet up I found them helping Site Manager Brian Row prepare his house for some new carpets due to be fitted the next day. This obviously gave me the opportunity to quiz Brian and his wife Christine a little too as they all stopped for a coffee break.

Linda and Richard explained that they moved to the Park in 2003 where they had the first house of the 3rd phase. Richard explained how he had been a Security Manager at Luton Airport for 29 years and took voluntary redundancy several years before he was due to retire in a bold move to get off the treadmill and live life, something we all dream of but few of us actually achieve.

Not long after, the Brewers took themselves to Scotland for a holiday where they stayed in a log cabin and found themselves saying to each other ‘we could live in one of these!’ Within 2 hours of their return they had sold their house and were making plans to find a Park Home to see them through their retirement years.

With Linda’s mother living in a park home, it wasn’t surprising that the Brewers would end up seizing the opportunities presented by selling their bricks and mortar house and moving to a park themselves. As Richard said, he couldn’t have retired seven years early without releasing the extra capital from the sale of their house and moving to a park.

Their decision for choosing Marina View over other parks was largely based on location. Lincolnshire being the least populated county in the UK put it top of their list, and you certainly do get a real sense of space as you visit the county. Linda told me that the sunsets are beautiful as you look across the unobscured horizon and with them both having a dream of owning a boat, Marina View made a lot of sense. The area offers them good golf, fishing, the sea nearby and plenty of facilities within a short drive.

Both the Brewers and the Rows told me that the community spirit on the park was fantastic. There is a really friendly little pub just at the entrance to the park where many of them meet and the active residents’ association always have plenty on offer from coffee mornings to dances and other regular outings.

It was a pleasure meeting up briefly with these two lovely couples who were certainly enjoying life, and in such a lovely part of the country it was clear to see why. It occurred to me that while some of us just dream of life like this, others get on and make it happen. There are great benefits to be realised from this lifestyle and very little stopping you. In another 30 years I know where I’ll be!

Adrian Salisbury, Optical FX on behalf of Tingdene Parks Ltd

Tingdene Parks Customer Feedback

Here at Tingdene Parks Limited we value all of our customers feedback & enjoy hearing about their experience with ourselves, we have taken this opportunity to let you in on what our customers and latest residents have to say about the service provided by us here at Tingdene Parks, the service provided by Tingdene Homes with regards to assisting our customers with the design of their new homes and also by our Assisted Selling Schemes too.

Mr & Mrs C are due to complete on their new home in October 2012, here’s what they had to say;

Hi Sam,

I just wanted to say Thank You. We were exhausted after our two days at Tingdene but we felt happy with our plans. Please pass on our especial gratitude to Lisa, for her help and patience. I find making decisions very difficult and her support was much appreciated.

We are back in Redcar, in the rain, now and contemplating where to start with dismantling our home!

Thank you again,


Mr Smith moved into his new Prestige Park Home at Marina View in Lincolnshire, he also took advantage of our Moving Made Easy Scheme and here a little bit of what he thought;

Hi Sam,

Here are our thoughts on moving made easy:

“At first we were dubious that everything could be done for us by a third party for free.  However as time passed we were pleased that we had chosen ‘Moving Made Easy’ to help us move.  They kept us informed weekly and Katie was particularly good at re-assuring us whenever there were problems.  The solicitor they recommended was very good and her costs were more than reasonable.  Although moving home is a very difficult period, Moving Made Easy helped our move go really smoothly.  Many thanks to all the team, and in particular our thanks go to Katie.”

I would also like to thank the team a Tingdene who have helped throughout the whole process.

Mr Smith

A quick word from one of our latest residents at Hazelgrove Park, Cleveland;

Dear Tingdene Parks,

We are now well settled in our new home and having just returned from holiday I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all the work you put in for us , the lads that came round to do the small repairs deserve a mention too as they were very polite and helpful , thank you all once again .

Mary and Jim Howes  –   Hazelgrove Park

Mrs Smith is due to complete on her brand new home at East Beach Park, Essex in October 2012;

Hello Terri,

Just a short note to say thank you to yourself and your colleague Lisa who made our day at Tingdene such an enjoyable one.

Your customer services skills are superb and your company should be very proud of you both as you made us all feel so welcome and you explained everything so clearly.

Thank you once again, look forward to speaking with you soon.

Yours sincerely

Brenda Smith, on behalf of my daughters, Natalie and Verity as well!

Questionnaire Results

We surveyed Park Home residents in asking what they thought to their new life, why they moved and what advice could they offer others. Our results are based on the 81 responses we received back.

Park Home Living – Feedback

When asked about why they chose to live on a residential park over 50% said their decision was based on location.

With regard to what aspects of Park Home living appealed to our residents the most, 25% said it was the feeling of security, 24% said the financial benefits and 24% said it was the friendly community, unique to these parks.

We had to ask were they entirely happy with their decision or whether they would consider moving back. A massive 70% said no they wouldn’t and just 19% said yes (11% didn’t know).

Probing a little deeper we asked why not? 40% said they loved the lifestyle and the community, 25% said the low maintenance of the homes appealed to them most.

We asked for some general advice that could be given to prospective buyers and the majority suggested visiting the parks to get a feel for them and to check out the local area. Visiting Tingdene’s Homemaker Centre was also high up the list along with visiting exhibitions.

When asked whether they felt Tingdene met their expectations, nearly 90% said their expectations were either met or exceeded!

Here are some of the comments recorded on the questionnaires:

  • “Do your homework on the area, especially if moving from an urban to a rural location”
  • “Look at a variety of parks and home styles”
  • “Ask if changes can be made to specifications”
  • “Visit your chosen park many times before committing, at various times of the day”
  • “Enquire about tariffs, i.e. water rates, pitch fee and other services”
  • “Check out the amenities, transport, doctors, etc”
  • “Speak to existing residents before making a decision”
  • “Take photographs while visiting the park”
  • “Park homes are as comfortable as brick and mortar, cheap and mortgage free”
  • “There’s a great community spirit with people who look after each other in a safe place to live”
  • “Be prepared to downsize and for a change in lifestyle”
  • “Thoroughly recommend the lifestyle – you will not want to return to the ‘rat race'”

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